Behaviour, Health & Practice
  • Get good grades at school. Problems in school can interfere with your success as an athlete.
  • Get a doctor's check-up before you practice starts.
  • Get into shape gradually - don't overdo it and don't do anything that's beyond your ability.
  • Make sure you have the proper shoes. High running shoes are the best.
  • Use talc in the summer.
  • After practice - get showered and use your own private towel to dry off.
  • If you're injured during practice or a game - don't ignore it! Look after your injuries promptly.
  • Eat a variety of well-balanced and nutritious food.
Remember - Your coach can help you get into good shape. But keeping in good shape
is up to you.
The Game of Basketball
The Game of Basketball was invented in the U.S.A. in 1891 by Dr. James Nightsmith.
It was originally intended to be a "winter" game that would only take place in
closed auditoriums. As the years went by the game developed, and became more
and more popular around the world.

The Basics of Basketball
Basketball is a multi-faceted and compelling game. It is difficult to outline in detail all
the rules of the game, the action on the court, and the judging, but it is important to
point out that an athlete must understand all these things before he actually beings
to play.
Catching The Ball
  • Keep eye contact with the ball until it reaches your hands.
  • Catch the ball with your fingers and not your hands. Curl your hand in a bit to give it more flexibility.
  • Move toward the ball and don't wait for it to come to you, so that someone from the other team doesn't grab it before you do.
  • First catch the ball and then make your play.

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