Let's Play Ball Tips !!!

The Athlete's Ten Commandments

In every sport there are winners and losers. A good athlete knows how to win - and how to lose.

  1. When you're on the winning team - shake your opponent's hand, cheer them up and try not to seem too excited.
  2. When you're on the losing team - respect the winners. Shake the winner's hand and don't try to find excuses for losing.
  3. After losing - practice more and improve your ability.
  4. During the game - use all you got to win - within the boundaries of the rules.
  5. Pay attention to the coaches instructions and don't contradict his decisions.
  6. Accept the judges ruling without questioning it..
  7. Learn the rules of the game and know them inside out.
  8. Cooperate with your team-mates and play as part of a team - if you made a mistake, don't look for someone else to blame.
  9. Be prepared to receive both criticism and praise.
  10. Keep your wits about you and be disciplined at all times.

The Athlete As An Observer

Even observing at games and events requires the appropriate behaviour of an athlete.
Cheering on the players boosts their morale and gives them lots of confidence - all of
which are vital and necessary for improving their ability to perform successfully.
There are many ways to cheer a team:
  • By singing, saying team slogans, waving flags, and wearing team scarves and
  • It's important to cheer on the team even when they're not doing so well.
  • Prevent yourself from derogatory remarks and booing - these things don't help
    anyone and they damage your honour, and the honour of the team you are cheering for.
  • Do not throw anything into the court, and do not push your way into the court
    or involve yourself in arguments at any time. All these things will only cause
  • harm to your team.

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