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Tal Brody came to Israel to play basketball in the Maccabiah Games of 1965. He caught the attention of Maccabi Tel-Aviv team managers and Israeli government officials as he led the U.S. team to victory and the Gold Medal that came with it.
Tal didn't realize it at the time, but his love affair with Israel had begun. He tried to return to his life as one of the highest ranked basketball players in the U.S.A., but Israel was on his mind. It's no wonder since he was being courted and wooed by Israel's top officials, including Moshe Dayan himself, to return and help promote the sport in Israel.

Tal made Aliyah to Israel the following year and started planting the seeds that would produce the greatest Basketball team Israel had ever had. The attraction was mutual - we fell in love with Tal's outstanding attitude and he fell in love with the vibrancy of life in Israel, and what he felt he could do with it. This has been an on-going affair for thirty years now and his promotion of Israel has spread to legendary proportions.
"Tal represents the very essence of the Maccabiah Games. He came here to play and ended up making Aliyah and building his life here, and in doing so he became an integral part of the country . He not only contributed toward raising the standard of basketball in Israel but also diligently promoted Zionism abroad. The very idea that the Maccabiah Games were founded upon was to bring Jewish people together so they could meet each-other and get to know Israel. The purpose behind this being the creation of another option for these young people in the future."
Eyal Tiberger of the World Maccabiah Union in Israel (June/96)
Tal's History

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