Tal Brody's office is situated on the ground floor of The Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat-Gan and is managed by his second wife Tirtza, who he met in Eilat seven years ago.
It appears that the idea of being insured personally by one of the world's greatest Basketball players is extremely appealing,since Tal Brody has already achieved Lifetime Membership status in the Million Dollar Round Table Club.
A closer look will reveal another reason so many Israelis have gone to Tal Brody for Insurance Policies in the seventeen years he's been offering them. First of all, he handles each and every client personally. He takes them under his wing and tries to "take them one step forward" in what he calls the "personal program" he'll devise for them. A free pep-talk, a few strategic phone calls and a one-on-one with Tal in his office. All this for the price of an insurance policy. He is a firm believer and living proof of "getting things done" and "moving forward" every single day.
Tal's expertise is handling Management Insurance, Director's Liability Insurance, Pension Programs, Special Sportsman Coverage, Life Insurance, Personal Health Policies, Children's Savings, and Mortgages & Financing Programs. His colleagues at Pazit Insurance handle Elementary & General Insurance such as Homeowners, Office, Business, and Vehicle Insurance, and are experts in Diamond Block and Jewelry Insurance. Tal will gladly refer you to them personally and make sure you're taken care of. If you are interested in any of the Insurance Services offered please fill out the following form:



Telephone: Fax:

Type of Insurance:

  1. Managment Insurance(Bituach Menahalim)
  2. Director's Liability Insurance
  3. Pension Program(s)
  4. Special Sportsman Coverage
  5. Life Insurance
  6. Personal Health Insurance
  7. Children's Savings
  8. Mortgages & Financing
  9. Homeowners Insurance
  10. Business Insurance
  11. Office Insurance
  12. Car Insurance
  13. Diamond Block Policy
  14. Jewlery Insurance
  15. Other:

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