Maccabiah Games

Tal Brody helps the U.S. Team win a gold medal in Baskeball. The Israeli Ministry of Education and Maccabi Tel-Aviv managers approach Tal and present him with the challenge of raising the standard of Basketball in Israel. This would call for moving to Israel and becoming a member of the Maccabi Tel-Aviv Team. Tal returns home to Illinois for the time being to finish his Masters Degree in Educational Psychology.

Tal Brody Returns to Israel
After completing his studies, Tal returned to Israel and plays for Maccabi Tel-Aviv for the next two years. He then returns to the U.S.A. to fulfill his military obligation.

Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Runner-Up in European Championships
He leads the team to the runner-up spot and is named Israeli Sportsman of the Year

Tal Brody Returns to Israel For Good

Tal returns to Israel and makes it his home. He marries an Israeli woman, becomes an instructor at the Wingate Institute of Physical Fitness, and establishes his own business for importing and distributing sports goods.
Tal rejoins Maccabi Tel-Aviv, becomes an Israeli citizen, and also serves in the Israeli army.

European Champion's Cup
Tal leads Maccabi Tel Aviv to an upset over the Red Army Team of
Moscow (undefeated champions for four years) which sends his team to
the European Cup Finals. As Team Captain he is carried shoulder high
from the court by ecstatic fans. He then made his famous remark, "We
are on the map. We are staying on the map, not only in sports, but in
Maccabi goes on to beat the Italian Champions for the
European Cup Championship in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

The Israel Prize
President Yitzhak Navon of Israel awards Tal with the nation's highest honor in recognition of his Contribution to Youth & Sportsmanship in Israel. Tal Brody is the first Sportsman to ever be awarded this distinguished honor.

European Selection Player Tal Brody Retires

To honor his retirement, a European All-Star team is invited to Israel to play in an official retirement game against Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

Tal Brody is selected to carry and light The Maccabiah Torch at the opening of the Games, before the top athletes of 54 countries and an audience of 45,000 in the Ramat-Gan Stadium.

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