Doing Business In Israel
by former All American Champion Tal Brody "I love the vibrancy of doing business in Israel and I can see and feel opportunity wherever I look. There is tremendous potential here, it's inspiring and challenging at the same time. Israel is a consumer buying and business orientated country with a very high standard of living. I came to play basketball for one year in '66, that's turned into 30 years and there's never been a dull moment. The fun social life, the beautiful weather and beaches. I feel like I'm at the pivot of the center of the world here."

"Tal Brody has appeared before many distinguished groups on behalf of the UJA (United Jewish Appeal) around the world to promote living in Israel. He has hosted V.I.P. UJA guests in his home over the years from both the Prime Minister's Mission, and the President's Mission (the most prestigious). We are especially grateful for the wonderful Children's Sports Program that he introduced as a means of bringing the children of the missions and the Israeli children together. This single program did more to bring these children's hearts closer together than any other program in the UJA. These and many other special contributions by Tal were above and beyond the call of duty."
Ronit Dutan of the United Jewish Appeal in Israel (June/96)
"Tal represents the very essence of the Maccabiah Games. He came here to play and ended up making Aliyah and building his life here, and in doing so he became an integral part of the country . He not only contributed toward raising the standard of basketball in Israel but also diligently promoted Zionism abroad. The very idea that the Maccabiah Games were founded upon was to bring Jewish people together so they could meet each-other and get to know Israel. The purpose behind this being the creation of another option for these young people in the future."
Eyal Tiberger of the World Maccabiah Union in Israel (June/96)
Tal Brody recently became the local agent of Mitsuboshi C.I. Co., a Japanese consumer goods corporation. This led him to be elected to the Board of Directors in the Japan-Israel Chamber of Commerce and has done much to improve ties between the two countries. Tal Brody takes his "Let's Move Things Forward" policy with him wherever he goes. Recently the Board of Directors was invited to the Japanese Ambassador's home in order to promote international business ties. Special affairs such as these are the natural outcome of Tal Brody's ability to see the potential in every situation and help change reality.

"Since the day I'm in Israel I feel what every other Israeli should feel, we are all ambassadors for Israel."

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